Conservation Works

The NatureServe network connects science with conservation.

Why We Give

With the creation of the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, NatureServe has become the global leader in climate change vulnerability assessment. The Index, or CCVI, provides land and natural-resource managers and policymakers with a rapid, cost-effective means of screening species' relative vulnerability to climate change.

Beginning in 2005, NatureServe began a series of projects in the Andes-Amazon region of South America. Hear Bruce Young, Director of Species Science at NatureServe and Carmen Josse, Senior Ecologist at NatureServe, describe our work in this amazing biodiversity hotspot.

Despite their richness and importance, freshwater ecosystems have often received scant attention, even from the conservation community. Learn more about protecting threatened freshwater ecosystems and the species they support from Larry Master, NatureServe’s former chief scientist and lead author of the seminal report Rivers of Life, and Jay Cordeiro, consulting naturalist for NatureServe.