Establishing Dashboard Assessments

Xuemei Han

Biodiversity Monitoring Specialist

Phone: 703-908-1851

Each nation is responsible for updating their progress toward the Aichi Targets, but many nations need support to strengthen their capacity to measure the indicators that would reveal progress toward improvements in biodiversity.

Leading a team of prestigious international institutions, NatureServe is developing regional dashboards for the Tropical Andes, the African Great Lakes, and the Mekong Basin. By clearly documenting and visualizing data on key biodiversity indicators, these tools will focus action, support policy- and decision-making, and catalyze necessary investments in information infrastructure.

Sponsored by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the effort will develop four indicators and convene conservation stakeholders to assess national needs and capacity to implement monitoring and initiate processes for ensuring a sustainable long-term flow of data.


Global partners

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