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Find your old colleagues, friends and acquaintances in this directory! Simply fill in some information that you remember about them, and if we’ve got their info, we’ll share it.*

Please note that the information you fill in is inclusive. For example, let's say you're looking for a 'John' from the Network that you once went hiking with. If you type in “John” for ‘First Name’ and select “Hiking” under ‘Hobbies or activities,’ that will only bring up John’s information if he selected “Hiking” as one of his ‘Hobbies or activities.’  So it might make more sense to first search by "John" under 'First Name,' and if none of the Johns in the directory ring a bell, then further advance your search by filling in 'Hobbies or activities,' or other similar fields.


*Only logged in members of the Alumni group are able to see the information in this directory.