Along the Path

As a kid, I remember squinting through a magnifying glass at a tiny flower bud on the other side. I was fascinated by the different textures of the plant, and what all of the different veins and petals did. As I grew older, my appreciation for the marvels of nature increased. I eagerly learned about the complexities of how plants, animals, and ecosystems all work together, and I was fortunate to study the emerging field of conservation biology.
I am still fascinated by the world around us, and astounded by what science can teach us. In this online edition of Milestones, I invite you to explore the wonders of science. Learn more about how we are predicting ecological changes over the next half-century, and what that means for plants, animals, and communities. Discover how NatureServe’s scientific analyses are improving conservation efforts in the Andes-Amazon, and how tools, technology, and training are having an impact.
All of this is possible because of your support. Thank you for your contributions to advance science, expand understanding of nature, and guide conservation on-the-ground.
Mary L. Klein
President and CEO