Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2013

Downtown Baltimore, Maryland hosted our annual conference, Biodiversity Without Boundaries April 14-18, 2013. From the Appalachians to Assateague, Maryland encompasses a wide range of species and ecosystems—and their attendant conservation concerns; likewise, BWB presented a range of topics affecting biodiversity, from the most pressing issues in the conservation community to the latest in scientific tools and methods.

Every year, from scientists, natural resource managers, and environmental consultants to planners, environmental advocates, and corporate and public policy-makers, BWB participants came together to present, explore, and address urgent and emerging conservation issues and solutions:

  • the science behind the pressing problems
  • the information and expertise needed to direct decisions
  • the tools and methods for setting priorities, planning and taking action, and monitoring and tracking progress toward goals
  • the lessons learned from conservation success, collaboration, and network approaches


A Special Thanks!

Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2013 is co-hosted by the Maryland Natural Heritage Program, a division of the Department of Natural Resources. Active involvement by our member programs—not only at the conference but also in the planning stages—is a key part of what makes BWB a can’t-miss event. Thank you!