Conservation Works - Episode 3

Protecting Freshwater Biodiversity

A tiny fraction of our planet’s water—less than one hundredth of one percent—exists as liquid freshwater. But the biodiversity this fraction houses is astonishing. For example, did you know that the southeastern United States is home to more freshwater species than anywhere else in the world?

Conservation Works

The NatureServe network connects science with conservation.

Conservation Works - Episode 2

Mapping Ecosystems and Endemism in the Andes-Amazon

Beginning in 2005, NatureServe began a series of projects in the Andes-Amazon region of South America. NatureServe director of species science Bruce Young and senior ecologist Carmen Josse describe our collaborative efforts in this global hotspot for biodiversity.

More about Endemic Species and Ecological Systems of the Eastern Andean Slope and the Amazon Basin in Peru and Bolivia

Conservation Works - Episode 1

Climate Change Vulnerability Index

With the creation of the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, NatureServe has become the global leader in climate change vulnerability assessment. 

Why We Give – Mary Ann Lawler

Mary Ann Lawler

Mary Ann Lawler is the state conservation chair of the Virginia Native Plant Society (VNPS) and a vigorous advocate for Virginia's natural heritage programs and northern Virginia’s natural areas, both statewide and locally.

NatureServe Heritage Circle

The NatureServe Heritage Circle is a select group of supporters who have pledged to provide a long-lasting base of support to NatureServe through planned gifts.

Corporate Voices

Corporate Voices for Biodiversity Science
One of the most important conservation issues we face, both domestically and internationally, is that, when it comes to making investment and policy decisions, society has been moving away from a science-driven approach. Issues like climate change, quality and quantity of water, and invasive species are all pressing threats to ecosystem services that depend on the diversity of life, and now is not the time to be making blind decisions about the sustainability of our earth’s natural resources.

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