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Welcome to the NatureServe Network’s Alumni Membership Program!

This is a place for NatureServe network alumni to connect with each other, share ideas, and learn more about what the NatureServe network is doing and how alumni can get involved.

You are a NatureServe Network Alum if you have worked for NatureServe or a NatureServe member program at some point in your career.

Listed and Imperiled Species by Watershed

Interactive Watershed Map of Federally Listed or Imperiled Plant and Animal Species

Listed and Imperiled Species by County

Interactive County Map of Federally Listed or Imperiled Plant and Animal Species

Career Opportunities

Working at NatureServe

NatureServe offers a high–intensity, results–oriented, and collaborative workplace where a common mission provides focus and excitement, and inspires staff to invest their best creative, intellectual, and personal efforts to ensure mission success. Staff have the ability to affect biodiversity conservation at the local, national and international scales through the network of member programs and other institutional alliances.

Open-Access Data Through Open-Source Technologies

When the need arose to migrate their systems to a new server and upgrade their website, the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program (NCNHP) looked for an affordable framework that would also facilitate access to their data services.

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Section Councils

The membership of the NatureServe network is divided into three sections: Canada, the United States, and Latin America. These sections are guided by Section Councils that are elected by the section membership and composed of member program directors.

The Section Councils function differently in each section, but in general they all help NatureServe achieve its mission by providing leadership to their sections.

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