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Leave a Personal Conservation Legacy

NatureServe supporters like you know that biodiversity conservation is not about offering quick fixes; it’s about sustaining a long-term commitment to guiding decisions that preserve our natural heritage for generations to come.

Science and Conservation Connect Tech Giants

What do famous rivals Microsoft and Google actually agree on? The need to support science-based conservation! In 2011 these technology leaders provided NatureServe with major in-kind gifts.

Making Mission Impact as Science Advisor to Major Foundations

The use of NatureServe’s science and expertise to inform conservation decisions has taken a significant new turn this year through blossoming strategic relationships with two prominent foundations. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation have both sought to apply our data and our analytical skills to provide a scientific basis for evaluating and informing their own strategic investments in biodiversity conservation.

Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage

This fall saw the release of the Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage: Biodiversity, Landscapes, Stewardship, and Opportunities, by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI). The large-format, comprehensive Atlas seems destined to become a standard reference for anyone interested in gaining a deeper appreciation of the Sunshine State’s abundant natural resources.

Measuring Nature’s Many Dimensions

In a year when NatureServe has launched several significant initiatives, securing a Dimensions of Biodiversity grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) might arguably be the most prestigious.

After centuries of scientific discovery, countless secrets about the planet’s biodiversity remain unresolved. And because most large-scale biodiversity assessments have focused on individual genetic, taxonomic and functional questions, scientists do not yet understand how these different aspects influence and relate to each other.

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Establishing Dashboard Assessments

Each nation is responsible for updating their progress toward the Aichi Targets, but many nations need support to strengthen their capacity to measure the indicators that would reveal progress toward improvements in biodiversity.

2013 NatureServe Conservation Award Winner: Walt Reid

Walt Reid, winner of the 2013 NatureServe Conservation Award Dr. Walter Reid is the Director of the Conservation and Science Program at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

NatureServe Conservation Award

Each year since 2010, the NatureServe network has presented the NatureServe Conservation Award to honor individual achievements that contribute to the conservation of biological diversity. The award recognizes recipients who:

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