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Milestones: Spring 2013

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In a world of uncertainty, there is one thing you can depend on: sound science from NatureServe. Our information on at-risk species and threatened ecosystems is the best available scientific data for guiding decisions about land and water conservation.

Comings and Goings

It’s been a while since our last issue, and transitions in Arlington mean we’re likely to have missed news of promotions and departures across the network. You’ll find a few notable changes that we are aware of below, but please do keep us in the loop on any we’ve missed by sending your updates to Don Kent.


Recapping Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2013

For those of you who joined us last month in Baltimore—thanks! Our special, heartfelt thanks go out to staff and volunteers from Maryland DNR’s Natural Heritage Program, who dedicated hours to planning and running the conference (to say nothing of leading the fantastic Sunday field trips!). All honor and credit to them!

New Mexico, North Carolina, and Oregon members earn network awards

Network members gathered on the first night of the Biodiversity Without Boundaries conference in Baltimore to discover the winners of 2013’s NatureServe Network Awards.

This year’s honors went to three U.S.-based members:

Introducing the NatureServe Network Modeling Centers

As stewards of the best empirical biodiversity data on the species and habitats of the Western Hemisphere, NatureServe network staff are keenly aware of how inadequate support for acquiring and managing that knowledge can limit the role and influence of science in decision-making processes.

Hops: Not just for butterflies anymore

During his recent press blitz, Colorado Natural Heritage Program zoologist Rob Schorr noted, “A rare butterfly that likes hops doesn't present itself every day." That’s probably the best explanation for how CNHP’s innovative partnership with Odell Brewing Company made front-page news at The Denver Post earlier this month.

Partnering to improve access to local knowledge: Virginia's new Natural Heritage Data Explorer

Director Tom Smith says that when the Virginia DCR’s Natural Heritage Program (VANHP) set about rebuilding one of its flagship online resources, the Natural Heritage Data Explorer (NHDE), “working within the NatureServe network was a clear and obvious choice—as is so much of what we do.”   

Bill Ruckelshaus

Being steeped in the world of conservation science means that we often get to interact with (and sometimes interview!) some of the foremost thinkers working on environmental issues. Conservation Talks bring you short snippets from these great minds discussing the aspects of their work that make them tick.

Dr. Walt Reid – 2013 NatureServe Conservation Award Winner

On the evening of April 16—the second day of our annual Biodiversity Without Boundaries conference—Mary Klein, NatureServe's President and CEO, presented Dr. Walter Reid with the 2013 NatureServe Conservation Award. 

Oregon Biodiversity Information Center wins 2013 NatureServe Network Award for Network Collaboration

Published date: 
Tue, 04/16/2013

Network peers recognize achievements of Portland-based member

Baltimore, Maryland (April 16, 2013)—The Institute for Natural Resources’ (INR) Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC) received the 2013 Network Collaboration Award last night at the NatureServe network’s annual Biodiversity Without Boundaries conference in Baltimore.

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