Where We’re Headed: Launching NatureServe’s New Strategic Plan

Providing the scientific basis for effective conservation action is what motivates and inspires us. To ensure our continued success, this spring we launched a new Strategic Plan that will guide for our work over the next five years. Based on a comprehensive network-wide assessment, the plan addresses the driving forces that will shape how we advance our mission.

The plan relies on a results-chain framework that identifies our target results and outcomes, key activities for achieving them, and metrics for tracking our implementation progress. This approach also led us to organize the results of the plan across four themes:

  • The science that supports all our work
  • The effectiveness of our network of members
  • The proactive analysis and communication of large-scale biodiversity trends
  • The client-focused services we provide

Our commitment to provide science-based information and expert advice infuses the entire plan. Through this work, we will play a fundamental role in sustaining the benefits that society gains from a diverse and resilient natural world—clean air and water, communities more secure against natural disasters, extensive genetic resources for food, fuel, and medicine, and cultural sustenance.

An executive summary and the full plan are available for download. To request a printed copy of the plan, contact Patrice Leighty.