William D. Ruckelshaus Receives 2012 NatureServe Conservation Award

NatureServe presented William D. Ruckelshaus with the 2012 Conservation Award during the Biodiversity Without Boundaries conference in Portland, Oregon, in April. The award recognizes Mr. Ruckelshaus’ distinguished career and the unique character, scale, and diversity of his contributions to the protection of the natural environment.

Best known for his tenure as the first (and fifth) administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Ruckelshaus has long demonstrated a commitment to science as a guide to policy in both the public and private sectors. The award honors the many contributions that the Indiana native has made to biodiversity conservation in both of his adopted Washingtons—D.C. and state—and beyond.

Mr. Ruckelshaus joined us at a special award reception and dinner in Portland. In his remarks, he cited the importance of “advanced technical assistance” in making conservation decisions: “[NatureServe] stands for the kind of technical advice that can be so helpful in making rational public policy.”

Mr. Ruckelshaus is the third winner of the award, joining previous winners, biologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dr. Edward O. Wilson (2011), and founder of the NatureServe network’s natural heritage methodology, Dr. Robert E. Jenkins (2010).

Watch video of the presentation and speech.