Board Bio: Sabra Tonn

Sabra Tonn is the Program Supervisor for the Arizona Heritage Data Management System (HDMS) at the Arizona Game and Fish Department. She has been with the program for over twenty-eight years, starting as a college intern in 1988.  With the exception of a two-year leave of absence, spent as a zookeeper in the Penguin Encounter at Sea World, her entire career has been with the HDMS. 

Sabra started as data manager and field biologist but was promoted to the supervisor position in 1998. She has championed efficiencies and collaborative applications, such as the Online Environmental Review Tool, which is in an automated phase I environmental compliance tool. She continues to focus on core Heritage methodologies such as improving data and global and subnational ranks. 

Sabra has a long history of involvement with the Heritage Network, serving on many teams for the Network. These include various Methods and Standards Teams, Ranking Team, and Multi Jurisdictional Dataset and Data Access Teams. She attended the Joint Member Management Team Meeting three years 2006-2008, and served on the US Section Council for two terms (2005-2010), including serving as secretary for two years and chair for three. She also has held executive committee positions with the nonprofit Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers, including member at large and president. 

Sabra is a near-native of Arizona, receiving her B.S. in Biology from Northern Arizona University in 1989. She lives in Scottsdale. She enjoys hiking, geocaching, and wildlife watching in the diverse habitats that Arizona offers.